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Embrace Your Imperfection!

Your Not Broken, Your just Imperfect

Yeah, I know Your is not spelled right.  That’s kind of the point. 

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Being imperfect means that you are living. Without mistakes you tend not to learn. so you’re not broken you are just right!

Dear Butt

What does that mean?  Read The Imperfect DeMia Harlow to find out!


Why We LOVE Coffee

Why I love Starbucks and coffee.

When I was a child I had my first cup ‘o joe loaded with cream and sugar — I was hooked then on. I love Starbucks because the first cup of their coffee made me think of my first. What makes you love Starbucks and coffee?

It's the Imperfections that make you Loved!

The beautiful chaos of IMPERFECTION! It makes us all unique. Thank goodness for random acts of all kinds. Relish in those things that aren’t quite right. Who really wants to be perfect anyway?

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First Book Signing

First Book Signing

Meet the author DeMia Harlow and get your copy of The Imperfect DeMia Harlow book signed today!  Posters, bookmarks and other materials will be available! Check out our caledar for more events! Location: West Side 3701-A Ellison Dr NW Albuquerque, 87114

Download a Excerpt Today!

Download a Excerpt Today!

Click here to download a chapter ! If you like what you read, buy a book!   For a digital and full color copy, visit this bookshop!  For a black and white paper copy, visit this bookshop.